This Is The Purpose You Have To Use Uniforms In Schools

The school does require students to wear uniforms. No exception for children who also have to wear uniforms. However, the uniform used by children must be comfortable. The materials of uniforms for school materials should be made as comfortable as possible so that children can move freely and can be used for a long time without making them feel hot and uncomfortable.

Using uniforms at school certainly has its own purpose. Besides being able to make students disciplined, uniforms can also introduce the school to many people and can become their own identity. Another goal of using uniforms at school is to give a neat impression to the student.
It is undeniable that the use of school uniforms can give the impression of tidiness and beauty in the school environment, we can see for example from the activities of ceremonies, marching lines, and others. Of course, this is more pleasing to the eye than wearing clothes that are not uniform. Besides that, the use of school uniforms also feels like providing comfort for those who wear them.