Preparing for a Moving House

Whether because your friends heroically help move all your boxes, or they are only there for moral support, you have to tell them when you moved away earlier. Send them an email or call to ask for help on the transfer day. Don’t forget to thank your friends for helping read here. Even though they offer assistance solely out of kindness, you still have to take them to a restaurant after transfer, or order beer and pizza. You can also ask for help from packers singapore.

Organize utilities in your new home and coordinate important services and places before you move. Call ahead to make sure there is heating and electricity in the new home, or your move will have an unpleasant start.

Utilities include gas, electricity, telephone, TV subscriptions, internet, as well as home security, water and garbage disposal.
Services that you have to coordinate after you move include insurance, bank, vehicle registration and permit, and change of address.
Places to look for include nearby hospitals, fire stations, police stations, meeting halls, local government offices, post offices, regional parks, animal hospitals, libraries, public transportation, and schools.

Transfer truck rental. If you handle the move yourself, then you have to arrange for the truck to be taken on the morning of the transfer. Make this arrangement a few days in advance, or it will be difficult to rent a truck on the day you need it at a reasonable price during the moving season. Compare prices with several companies before making a decision.

Take the truck on the morning of the transfer. Come faster to avoid the line on a busy day.
Load cardboard in the truck. Loading cardboard into a truck will not be a challenge if you plan ahead and have help from some trusted friends when doing it.