Tips for Ensuring Company IT System Security

Seeing the situation that occurs, businesses can no longer rely on the paradigm, that security is an attempt to block every threat that attacks the company, and hopes that their system will not be penetrated. The paradigm is no longer relevant to the current security industry landscape benefits of two factor authentication. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to try the excellent 2 factor authentication as well.

Here are three simple steps that companies can take to ensure the security of their IT systems:

1. Know all the activities in their network.

Companies need to have a thorough knowledge of all activities that occur within their systems and networks. This is so that the company is able to analyze unusual patterns, which indicate the occurrence of theft or attack on the application, files, and web content of the company and can then be followed up.

The way that can be done is to implement a solution that can work like a security camera (CCTV) in the network. As a result, companies will be able to quickly identify various threats and attacks that are able to escape the traditional prevention-based security system.

2. Has high visibility into encrypted data traffic

Besides that, what companies also watch out for is the increasing use of encryption. Although it aims to protect user privacy, encryption is one of the loopholes used by criminals to attack the company’s system.

To be able to ensure the security of the company from various attacks that are hidden into encrypted data traffic. In addition, it also maintains compliance with various policies of the government and companies regarding privacy. Companies need an encrypted traffic management strategy.

3. Join a global security network

Finally, in order to be one step ahead in the fight against malware, companies need to have insight into the various threats that attack other companies around the world. For this reason, the company should join a global security network.

Having a high level of awareness about all activities that occur within the system and company networks, so as to be able to analyze encrypted data traffic. Also, maintain compliance with various privacy policies.