Avoid Making The Mistakes When Installing Curtain At Your Home

Perhaps you buy the new curtain due to affordable or even cheap ราคาผ้าม่าน. However, you must also know this before installing the curtain at your home. Do you know if the curtain you are installing is correct? And did you know that there are so many mistakes that often occur in installing curtains at home that you don’t know yet? Avoid hanging your curtains too low so they almost touch the floor or even on the floor. Installing the correct curtain is mounted on the window frame. Usually hung 10 to 20 cm from the window frame. However, do not install curtains over 8 inches. Basically, hanging curtains with a higher distance are done to give a high impression to your room.

You should also avoid installing curtains that are too high if your curtains are not long enough to cover up. Therefore, before you buy a curtain, make sure you measure it first to get the curtain size that fits the needs of your home window. Usually, curtains have a length of about 150 cm to 3 meters and this can be adjusted to your needs.