This Is The Reason South Koreans Do Plastic Surgery

As one of the countries famous for its plastic surgery process, South Korea does present a maximum plastic surgery process. One of the plastic surgery processes carried out there is nose surgery. In fact, ศัลยกรรมแก้จมูก เกาหลี that already very popular in many people.

In addition, there are reasons why South Koreans are famous for their frequent plastic surgery. Korean society that tends to be competitive is the reason behind the proliferation of plastic surgery procedures. About half of Koreans live in Seoul, this also makes Seoul the sixth most populous city in the world. Such a population certainly makes Korean people often face to face with new faces every day.

Not only that, the beauty of the face is one of the factors that is believed to bring benefits to the job. One obvious example is the number of actors, actresses, and idol group members who openly carry out plastic surgery. This makes more people want to do plastic surgery.