How to Read the Micrometer Screw properly

Welcome to our site that reviews various kinds of information related to how to calculate from various scientific disciplines that you might need, How to Read the Right Screw Micrometer Micrometer – In this article, I will provide information about how to read the measurement results of the screw micrometer. But before far discussing the matter, it is better to know in advance what are the scales on the micrometer. Aside from that, if you also have some damaged ball screws, we recommend you to call the recommended ball screw repair service in your area.

The scale on the micrometer is divided into two types:

1. Main Scale
Consisting of scale: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm, and so on which are at the top. And the middle value: 1.5; 2.5; 3.5; 4,5; 5.5 mm, and so on which is at the bottom.

2. Scale Play or nonius scale
Consisting of a scale of 1 to 50. Each rotating scale or nonius scale rotates back 1 time, the main scale increases by 0.5 mm. So that from the logic can be obtained 1 swivel scale = 1/100 mm = 0.01 mm.

How to read a screw micrometer
1. First, please place the one-way screw micrometer so that it can be seen clearly.

2. Read the main scale of the screw micrometer, at the top of the line showing a round number of mm such as 1 mm and so on, while on the bottom scale line shows the number 0.5 mm. If the top scale line shows the number 5 mm and the bottom line scale shows 0.5 mm, add the two results above, then the main scale on the micrometer above shows a figure of 5.5 mm.

3. Next, read the nonius scale or the rotation scale, which is the line that is exactly in line with the dividing line on the main scale. Jikaskala nonius shows the number 30 multiplied by 0.01 mm so that the nonius scale shows 0.30 mm.

4. Then add the measurement results from the main scale with the measurement results from the nonius scale for example 5.5 mm + 0.3 mm = 5.8 mm.