Several Ways Of Making A Room Cooler Without An AC

The excessive use of air conditioning not only makes electricity costs bigger than before but also actually not good for the environment. It’s no secret if air conditioning will release harmful substances that can damage the ozone layer and also global warming. For this reason, the use must be pressed again. However, if you don’t use artificial air, the house will feel so hot during the day. Then what can you do to make a cold room without air conditioning? Is that possible or not? The answer is of course yes! On the other hand, you may need to call the most trusted aircon servicing singapore whenever you want your damaged AC gets repaired as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips and tricks for making an air-conditioned cold room that you can do:

Close the curtain

Closing the curtain or can also be a curtain is one way you can do to maintain the air temperature in the room. Because with the use of curtains, the amount of light entering into it will be filtered slowly. Therefore the air temperature in the room will not change significantly. There are various home curtains and several types of window curtains that you can use according to the type and model.

Using a fan

When compared to air conditioning, the use of electricity consumed by fans is still much lower. Therefore, its use is still recommended to keep the air in the room cool. To make it cooler, you can also put a bowl of ice cold in front of the fan. With his help, the cool air will spread in the room slowly.

There are also those who argue to rotate the fan counterclockwise. It is said that this opposite rotation is considered to produce air that feels much cooler.

Change bedroom sheets

Other tips that you can do is to change the sheets of your room or living room. Textile materials in the form of flannel sheets and fleece blankets are the best types of material that have insulating properties. While cotton material will make it possible to keep the surface of the fabric cooler and fresher.