How To succesfully prepare for SATS

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Standard assessment tests abbreviated as SATs are exams that prepare learners for college admission. The College Board produces them. Since these exams are produced for students joining college, they measure the levels of knowledge that are useful for the learner when they join the college. SATs measure three sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing. SAT preparation should be an enjoyable activity. For students doing Sat preparation, they should start by refreshing all the relevant academic knowledge learnt at high school,junior or senior level. These include simple mathematics formulas as the Pythagoras. The learner should also refresh grammar lessons in sentence review, essay writing skills, paragraphs, and vocabulary. The learner should be able to complete simple sentences and answer questions from given passages.

Finally, SAT revision and SAT preparation materials are available online at, which is the organization that produces the materials. The examinees should attempt all the questions given in the SAT practice questions one by one and confirm the answers in the marking scheme.

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