Beware of the Weakening of Memory That Affects the Mild Cognitive Disorders

Weakened memories will indeed make life changes for someone. Many people find it very difficult to experience a weakening of memory. So, there are many people who choose to consume the right supplements. One supplement that can be consumed is nitric oxide. With the right supplements, you can improve your memory in an effective and maximum way of course nitric oxide journal.

Usually, there are many young people who also experience impaired memory. If you are one of them, then you must be vigilant, because it could be a mild cognitive symptom. What is that, mild cognitive impairment? This disorder usually refers to a decrease in cognitive function found in someone, whose condition is more serious for individuals his age. This condition is related to brain nerve cells as organs that play a role in remembering and thinking, or a history of treatment that affects blood flow to the brain.

Lifestyle changes are efforts that can prevent and inhibit the development of mild cognitive impairment. This is because damage to the brain can begin when a person is obese, or when there is a disruption in the heart in blood vessels that inhibits blood supply with brain oxygen. Efforts to maintain physical health in preventing cognitive decline can be done by:

– Routine physical activity
– Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels
– Quit smoking
– Implement a balanced nutritional pattern, especially by consuming sources of protein, vegetables, and fruit.

In addition to maintaining physical health, patients with mild cognitive impairment are also advised to take part in activities that stimulate cognitive abilities, such as being active in social activities, solving puzzles, and reading. But until now, the decline in cognitive abilities of the brain and dementia could not be treated with drug consumption. The combination of maintaining mental and physical health can improve cognitive abilities and prevent them from developing into dementia.

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